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AC Maintenance

With our Preventative Maintenance Program you can be assured that your heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment is inspected and maintained regularly and that you will benefit from experienced, qualified, professional maintenance service technicians and most of all it will save you money!!

Did you know that the average air conditioner and heating system operates approximately 3,300 hours per year?

To put this “run time” in perspective a car driven for the same 3,300 hours at 65 miles per hour would travel 214,500 miles. No one would consider such a journey without arranging for oil changes, lubrication and routine tune-ups along the way to assure the efficiency, safety and reliability of the vehicle.

Your home air conditioning & heating system serves you many more hours than your car, and, like your car, needs routine maintenance’s to operate in an efficient, safe, and reliable manner.

Our unique quality maintenance includes everything that can possibly be done in order to restore you heating and air conditioning to its very best condition. No other local heating and air conditioning company performs a comparable precision quality maintenance.